Ironically, Baby Steps

I am one of those fiercely active Facebook-ers, I couldn’t delete it. If we’re being honest I’d check myself into social networking REHAB. But saying that, It’s not the stalking other people, I can’t say i’d avidly bother to look at someone or anyones page, it’s the whole experience in general. It’s an app on my phone I regularly check. I like knowing there are a sphere of people out there who might be interested in my loquacious babbles, perhaps it’s because i talk too much in general. I have far too much to say, be it controversial or just general daily ramblings i’m chatting about it. My twitter feed is even worse. And on top of all the over sharing i’ve become a baby bore! My own mother had a discussion with me about what we each had on our Facebook pages, i taunted her about constant ”beach” updates as she lives the yummy gran life overseas and she jibed that it was most likely i only talked about BABY BABY BABY. Despicably, she’s right. My son is my life, he is my social core! We go absolutely everywhere hand in hand and much to the dismay of my Facebook following, they all have to hear about it. Lunch, playgroup, toddler group, the park, shopping. I’m actively public! Therefore perhaps a blog will take some of the edge off my far too active Facebook! Instead i get to ramble on about the things i love most with unlimited word count.

I’ve never blogged before! looking forward to the trials and tribulations, and whilst i’m still completing my blogging baby steps bear with me! 🙂

Dani xx