36 weeks and counting….

Less than a week to go until baby is classed as FULLY BAKED, and could arrive at any time from then until my c-section date which will be around the 39 week mark. Which means, less than a week until i try all the tricks in the book to pop some haste into this baby, i think i’ve had quite enough of the cramped situation we’re both in, surely he’d be more happy coming out to play.

So far baby is now back on track along the 50th percentile mark for abdominal growth! 🙂 the main indicator. After many weeks of worry about placental function and extra appointments and the possibilities of an IUGR baby it looks like we may have a normal sized (it will be chunky in our case no doubt, I started off pre pregnancy with first baby at about 7 stone 2/3 and 5ft 6 inches and produced this 8lb 4oz baby! -Landon) His legs are still on a much lower centime the 3rd but its not an issue just looks like he may have wee legs. We have another scan this week to check things are still on track for his growth, the only concern now is i have this super abnormal HUGE placenta. Great for feeding the little guy, but total bewildering!

As far as my fundal height is concerned from the midwife we’re measuring three/four weeks behind, but baby’s the right weight? and my placentas huge? Work that one out! Certainly don’t know how to do normal here!!

I’m feeling the ”chins” now, pretty sick of being ROUND. Can safely confirm my legs are much bigger than they have ever been, my boobs are enormous! (F’s) and even my arms are bigger for me. DEPRESSING. A good near 4 stone weight gain this pregnancy is just not fair for anyone! With a wedding 5/6 weeks after the baby is born this is going to prove some challenge, but it’s fine, we will do it. in some pseudo-celebrity style! despite the fact we cant exercise due to the c-section for 12 whole weeks, and can’t really diet due to breastfeeding and needing to be nourished well. Somehow i am praying out to the tracy anderson gods that we will pull some kind of miracle transformation off! 🙂

Symptoms: None, no twinges, nothing braxtony, no indication of any nice and prompt labour. NOTHING. although should labour hit me in the face i would be freaked out as we haven’t been through it before. just some rib pain. Haven’t even had any milk leaks since one small spot at 24 weeks. Nothing, I don’t think the baby wants to come play.

Clothing of choice: LEGGINGS!!! Big style!! finding a lot of my tops are too damn short, so then i pull the leggings up, and then my bum becomes see through, not a good look for a pregnant lady, I don’t advise it.

Stretch Marks?: NONE, so far this is my only saving grace and the only thing keeping me happy.

Hospital bag is NOT PACKED, I repeat NOT packed, I do not know what I am doing with my life, this needs sorted out ASAP.

Some major nesting occurred yesterday, I pulled out the fridge to steam clean the floor behind it! Thats a little neurotic for myself.

Bump is majorly veiny!!! You might be able to see here on the skin shot below. Super mad network of veins! Great to see we’re well oxygenated but the roadmaps not exactly the best looking thing! Can only be thankful it’s veins instead of stretch marks.

Getting close to d-day and hoping my little guy takes well to the baby. It looks like he’s coming down with chicken pox and he’s spent the last day or two getting well acquainted with the bump cuddling into it. And he points at my belly button when I ask where the baba is. Of course it’s too much to expect a fourteen month old to understand! But he might click when my tummy is gone what I meant by that! He’s good with newborns he just ignores them just older babies he doesn’t like sharing mum with!

Can only hope I don’t catch the pox as my mum reminded me today I had two spots and was warned when I was younger they couldn’t be sure it was chicken pox and I could very easily catch it again as if it was it was a very weak strain and I wouldn’t be immune! Shall be paying for the vaccine sharpish!

Need to get the hospital bag packed this week! Just in case we go into labour! Wishful thinking and need to research breast feeding by pumping only. And also need to look at afterpains after a c-section? Do you still get afterpains if you haven’t gone through labour? Oh there’s so much to do!!!







Mum-to-be Bounty pack!

Today I thought I’d cash in my bounty voucher for the free mum to be pack.
The pack is available to all mums to be from the 28th pack. Vouchers come from the midwife or hospital.

Inside is supposed to be a wealth of baby goodies for mum to get excited over. Ideally it’s to boost the economy and persuade mums to buy into certain products like the top consumers were expected to be!

Here’s a few pics of what the pack contained this time around!




The pack came with:
A free hooded bath towel
2 sachets of persil detergent
2 sachets of comfort fabric softener
2 Ariel detergent tablets
A full size simple moisturiser
A small sample of sudocrem
A sachet of ovaltine hot beverage

And a bunch of promotional leaflets. The products that were free were great, after all they were free and the pack was picked up at my local supermarket so there was no loss on me having to go get one.

In all, the freebies were quite good considering they were indeed free. Can’t complain about them.

The leaflets however were a bit of a waste of paper.

Another plus was that the bounty pack came with a great product guide! Despite this being my second baby and I already know what I like in most products there were some reviews of breast pumps! Which, not breastfeeding last time around I wouldn’t have a great insight to, so the guide was really informative.

Can’t complain with my bounty pack. 🙂



33 weeks: Third trimester drag

33 weeks in, and until now, with having another baby at home, (13 months) it has seemingly flown by! First time around it was so slow! I remember waiting and waiting and now I can’t believe that thanks to a pre-planned c-section that we have 6 weeks to go!

In the interval between pregnancies as well as throughout my first pregnancy I have suffered with Iron Deficiency Anaemia. With seriously critical levels of both Haemoglobin and Ferritin, last time round i managed to take the ferrous sulphate tablets but this pregnancy nothing is that simple. After trying all of the oral formulas, ( tablet and liquid ) and failing—–> seriously debilitating side effects. The doc decided I could have the iron done intravenously, BEST THING EVER. I felt instantly replenished, despite the lengthy process of finding a viable vein, the feint attack from low blood pressure and the long wait. I recommend it to anyone having difficulty taking the oral forms of the medicine.

Thought i’d do a quick database of this week in the third trimester, home stretch!

How far along? 33 Weeks and 3 days

Weight Gain: 45 POUNDS!!!!!! 3 stone and 3 pounds.

Wardrobe: Leggings all the time!!! No maternity clothes here though! Refusing to buy any based on odd pride.

Food Cravings: Ice lollies, and ice cubes and soda and REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS.

Gender of little fetus: Another boy

Labour Signs: Plenty of braxton hicks, not that i’m at all keen to start yet!

Stretch Marks: NONE !!!!

Here’s something funny about the third trimester i found on a baby center blog! I am re-blogging.



The third trimester is a whole new game. Just when I mastered this whole pregnancy thing I was hit with the third trimester, and everything went down a big dark hole. There are hundreds of reasons why you know you’re pregnant, but what about the crazy changes of the 3rd trimester? I feel like they deserve their own post…

You know you’re in the 3rd trimester when

  • Picking up a sock off the ground requires preparation and thought.
  • There are crumbs on your belly that you don’t notice until you stand up.
  • There are crumbs in your cleavage that you don’t notice until you change.
  • You’re afraid to laugh or sneeze too hard (you know why…)
  • People look at your belly before your face.
  • You buy new big-girl panties.
  • You get mad that Nordstrom is at the other end of the mall from Macy’s.
  • You consider getting into the car to drive from Nordstrom to Macy’s.
  • Heartburn visits you before, during, and after every meal, regardless of what you eat.
  • You’re full in 10 bites or less.
  • Maneuvering a mirror around your belly to see if you have any stretch marks becomes a daily pastime.
  • You break a sweat walking from the car to the door.
  • You wish someone would offer you a ride from the car to the door.
  • Exercise equals getting up from the couch to fill up your water glass.
  • After picking up a few socks you decide that from now on you’ll leave anything that falls to the floor exactly in its place until your husband comes home to pick it up for you.
  • You select your shoes based on which would be the easiest to put on.
  • You stop wearing your rings in fear of the swelling you know is soon to come.
  • Rolling over in bed is a task that requires counting out loud. 1,2,3 GO!
  • You stare at the cute baby clothes in the nursery at least 5 times a day.
  • You panic about not having the nursery completely ready.
  • You forget what life was like before you fell in love with the baby in your belly.

🙂 Thats all for now!