Things no one ever told you about having babies and toddlers

I was fully prepared for my son Landon. I knew what I was getting into from experience childminding and babysitting and mounds of philanthropic work. I knew what to expect.

WELL I thought I did. Doesn’t everyone. You can’t possibly expect your children to manage to accomplish some of the amazingly impossible feats that they do. Here are some things i discovered about being a mum.

1. Boob juice can spray. In many directions.

2. The first time your child is sick, be it at 1 day old or 1 year old. You will panic. You will google. You will ask your mum a million questions. And you will use that thermometer maybe 10 times per hour. Nothing can prepare you for that first bout of illness.

3. Teeth will become the bane of your existence. Discovering when a new tooth will come in will not only be painful for your child. It will be painful for your ears.

4. You will never leave the house again on time. Unless you lie to yourself about what time you need to leave!

5. Nappies don’t always keep all of the poop in.

6. Sometimes it feels like they didn’t keep any in.

7. There is such a thing as the terrible ones. It’s just folklore that it doesn’t happen until age 2.

8. Bedtime may be your favourite time of the day. And there is zero shame in that.

9. Your children may become a handy little white lie when you need to cancel appointments. People forgive you when it’s your child’s fault.

10. You may no longer mind if you have un identified stains on absolutely everything.

11. Bribery is key.


Funday Thursdays/Family Thursdays

One day late with this post! Will you ever forgive me! I so hope so!

Thursdays are a day in which we go to our favourite squiggles and giggles (website). It’s so great to get out nice and early, to socialise and play and really teach Landon the benefits of routine with other children a little older than himself.

This weeks squiggles and giggles meant mummy was taking both Landon and Wyatt to the playgroup on my own, the difficulty of getting from the car with a toddler who does not walk nicely beside you and a heavy car seat with infant in was not easy! However once inside the safety of playgroup my worries were eased because of course new baby snuggles are loved by all so there are always plenty of offers to snuggle the baby! Leaving me free to run after Landon. Octopus arms are needed with these two out and about without the safety of the icandy double pram.













There’s always just so much for Landon to at with and get into and I’m so much more accepting of the goop and gak and paint and glue than at the start of our squiggles and giggles journey. I know that as long as he keeps those hands off my clothes I can forgive him for any state he gets into. They’re only clothes and its only skin, easy washable. I really do rate messy play. I’m becoming so much more of an “earth” mother than I ever thought possible.

Our Thursday routine is usually followed with a quick trip to greggs and matalan where I park beside and then we head over to my grandmas because she looks after my two cousins, Caiden 4 and Sophie 18 months and its great t get some time for the kids to play and enjoy their family. Yesterday we took them to a soft play near us and its great because they just run free as its quite a compact softplay perfect for us as it was nearly empty and we could sit right in the middle of the main frame where we could see them and still enjoy a sit down and a drink and snuggles with Wyatt.









Sophie, 18 months is just so adorable with Wyatt she actually cried when I took him back to feed him! So sweet. I find little girls are so lovely with babies.

I fed using my nursing cover today! Bebe au lait could be my new best friend. Oh oh oh. My “breast friend” I’m so easily amused!!! Excuse the cringey pout, I couldn’t take myself seriously doing a “selfie” in a public place.


I also had my shoe order arrive from Kurt Geiger! Ahhhhhhh bliss! πŸ™‚ look at that! Some yummy creeping in!



Here’s to another happy week πŸ™‚ and here’s to the weekend!! Enjoy everyone



Little Us Dolls Review

So this is my first official review! And I’m both pleased and excited to introduce you all to a product I have been asked to review.

I have been sent a Little Us doll by the manufacturer in order to give a coherent and honest review. The views I express are completely my own

The Little Us doll is of course a doll, traditionally dolls are primarily a feminine toy. However I’m keen to encourage gender equality in my home, especially being the only female amongst three boys!

The dolls themselves are marketed for pre-school girls with the children able to pick a doll which falls the closest to their own image as their own mini me.

There are four characters in the range so far. Chloe, Amelia, Ruby and Millie


The dolls are twelve inches high making them a perfect size for little ones (I think these would make an excellent first doll) they are completely soft, made from a plush material and polyester filling.

The dolls are a available in Harrids, Debenhams, Asda online, and Hamleys for just Β£9.99 which I think is a great price for a safe and fun toy.

My son immediately took a liking to the doll, he really identified it as looking very human, he much preferred this to another soft toy I had out. He treat it like a baby and was reluctant to put it down, he had a little chat to the doll.






I really liked these dolls, I would probably buy them all if I had a girl. I think they would do well to create male counterparts to make them accessible to young boys too! Otherwise I really can’t do anything but praise the product. It’s nice to see a doll available which isn’t a “baby” for young children. It’s nice to have a form of dress up doll accessible to young children where plastic counterparts simply aren’t suitable.

I’m encouraging all with female children to buy one if these for their children and we will keep ours as Landon seems to like it regardless of whom it’s marketed for. My only suggestion for improvement would be to introduce a dark skinned equivalent, as there are all hair colors but all the same light skin, if they’re available to all it should only be fair to include a black/Asian doll.

πŸ™‚ happy shopping. Let me know what you think of these dolls?


June shopping haul! :)

So it’s been a while since I posted a shopping haul! And this month I’ve been pretty good! Sorry if you don’t like these posts, I however am far too interested in shopping and hearing other people spoiling themselves. Little disclaimer so don’t read if it will offend or come off braggish I usually just get over excited about kiddies clothes! However I can get excited about buying things for me now I’m not a host to baby.

We’ll chat about me first! Wahoo! I needed to get some more of my conditioner as it had run out so I willingly spent the cash and forked out for my one constant beauty buy! This time I got the color care version of my usual Fekkai haircare. I’m sure it’s just as effective as I usually use “glossing”. My hair is coloured so it should help maintain its condition. I used a stand in for a week until I went shopping and as supposedly nourishing as it was meant to be it was not at all! Thank god I have my baby back.

I also bought some benefit “they’re real” mascara Β£19.50 and a Chanel foundation “perfection lumiere” which at Β£36.00 is a little pricey if you use it frequently, I however only use lightly and it may last me quite a while! Makeup stash updated.




I picked my wedding shoes πŸ™‚ a glitzy Steve Madden number. Nothing fancy as the beach, African paths and dirt are probably not going to help any shoes!


I decided I needed a little clutch bag for my trip to Africa so I hit the Kurt Geiger sale and bagged myself a simple black one.


Speaking of Kurt Geiger I ordered two pairs of shoes a kg number and a mine west pair to take away I can’t wait for those to come later this week!!! I’ve gone a bit shoe mad lately!! πŸ™‚

For the wedding I also thought the kiddos needed plenty of formal clothes so whilst I have their outfits picked out for the ceremony I thought something to wear for dinner would be sweet. So I picked these two mamas and papas outfits! I can’t wait to see them in these!!!


Dresses were needed for our trip away for dinners in the evening etc. so I picked two sheer chiffon maxi dresses. One blush pink from miss self ridges and the other from Next


Can be found here

I decided that whilst Barbour had a sale it was incredibly worthwhile to buy a coat to put away from the winter so I have picked this gorgeous double breasted biker style quilted jacket.


For the kiddies today I bought lots of little nick nacks. A book with an integrated puppet that Landon is loving!


A few little tops for holidays for Landon.


I couldn’t help myself in buying some little Hugo boss things for my boys to match in πŸ™‚




Whilst shoe shopping I also managed to get some shoes for the next size for Landon πŸ™‚ little ugg trainers which look incredibly comfortable.

And another pair for me! Eek! Shoes shoes shoes.


I do need a massive clear out. So I’ve bought some things to replace the clothes I need to throw out. I really don’t need any clothes 6 wardrobes and two sets of drawers is a tad extreme but I hate throwing things out and I clearly have shopping problems! Haha!

I got a gorgeous top from Laura Ashley


A dress from Wal G who I haven’t bought anything from before but this was so cute it could be daytime or evening.


I also got some cream skinny jeans from river island


I’m in the middle of deciding how to re-do the play room so of course a trip to Laura Ashley was needed! Bought a gorgeous rug! I think I’m going with lights blue hues in the room.


And two little pillows until I find some I really for my bedroom these are just plain ones.


Hope everyone has had fun shopping recently! I’ve only managed to fit in two real shopping days and I’m sure I’m going to need another before our holiday next month!

Xoxo enjoy! And let me know what good deals you find


Bye bye virginity…. And screaming toddlers

Bet you thought this post was going to be dead interesting. I think with the two children it’s safe to assume the virginity card flew out of the window a while ago.

I am indeed referring to my breastfeeding in public virginity.

Nailed it, owned it, did it, rocked it.

I attended my local breastfeeding support group. It’s a great little informal drop in where breastfeeding mummies can bring their children big or small, get their babies weighed and enjoy the freedom of a breastfeeding group to explore any questions with professionals and practice the art of feeding.

Ok so the latter isn’t a reason for the existence of the the group but it’s a great way to get practice.

I’d only used a big blanket and my pump and i had fed in front of one trusted friend who couldn’t care less what I was doing. Even then. Big blanket. Big top. Hidden baby. Hidden boob.

Breastfeeding support, answered some questions about my supply which I’m still fretting over. And I had a little chat to the mummies and peer support ladies.

Then I just whipped out my boob. Oh yes. The top came up the baby latched on and you know what, im disappointed in my audience. Not one person flinched, flackered or even accidentally looked! They’re all pro’s at maintaining eye contact. I had a few peeks at technique and if people covered and how they positioned in front of people.
Can’t believe no one was staring! Or applauding, no one cared. Pffttt and I made such a big deal of doing it, gave myself a little mental golf star!

I won’t be just whipping out my boob in public spaces but I’d feel much more confident using a nursing cover and just getting on with it. I actually think the cover may draw more attention.

After my adventure in breastfeeding I’ve discovered a few things. Firstly, people are always placing time limits on it. How long will you feed? How long have you fed? The best one is ARE YOU STILL BREASTFEEDING? I’m sorry why does it need to sound so doubting. It’s like people are just waiting for you to stop. And I know they mean no harm in asking about it it’s just the normal phrasing however it is a little agitating. Why should I be expected to almost fail, quit, give in. How long will I feed?

I don’t know I’d like to think another few weeks. I’m giving myself a mental star after every week of exclusive breastfeeding through contact and expression. It’s not really helping weight loss like I thought it would which was my entire reasoning. But I’ve ended up falling in love with it so much I can’t help but revel in the glory and glow its giving me.

I must also be making something decent as wyatt has gained 2 pounds in just over a week!!!!! Shock horror! Wyatt is now 8lbs 9oz.

I now am looking into becoming a peer support myself by doing a training course. I feel like I may be a welcoming face to young girls who aren’t sure or aren’t confident in feeding, I know I wasn’t keen on it as I didn’t think it was “cool” or the type of person who would do it.

In other news, my little toddler Landon is being super super cute with little brother. He gives him his dummy, lays down next to him, sits beside him, looks for him first when he comes into any room and today he started to sweetly wind him! Can’t believe it.

In addition to all of his niceness he’s decided to make bedtime difficult by screaming the house down in floods of tears when we leave him. Little touch of separation anxiety I’m sure that will pass but it’s meant having the willpower to just let him cry it out whilst going in every ten minutes to check, reposition, re dummy and provide more milk.







Wyatt’s First Squiggles and Giggles

Well Mr Landon has definitely missed his squiggles and giggles sessions for the past three weeks. However it was closed for two weeks so we don’t feel like we have missed too much!


Today was a gorgeous day so we were enjoying the sun again and had plenty of play outside. And even better is that daddy could join us! πŸ™‚

Wyatt was even awake for a lot of the session lapping up the attention and enjoying snuggles.















My last day as a mother of one

39 weeks and 3 days is when I delivered Landon via elective c-section.

A lot of people in the UK ask my why this is what I wanted and how did I get one, in reality I’m very practical I like organised events, I like knowing what’s to come and being in control of situations. I’m excellent with pain so that aspect of birth didn’t really bother me about labour, I just didn’t think personally I could deal with the inconvenience. The long hours in labour, the consistent pains, the sweat, the blood, the accidents, the inevitable form of damage downstairs. I praise people for having their children however they imagine is the best scenario. I’m sure my ideal is someone else’s worst nightmare. I also grew up overseas in a community where people chose what country to have their babies in. And in a lot of those countries when we all pay for private healthcare and healthcare insurance it’s a well respected option to arrange a quickie delivery. Or the c-section. I had heard a woman say she was booked in and for no reason and since that moment that was how I knew I would want my babies to arrive. It’s how I thought would be the best for me. And so I’ve stuck with that for this pregnancy rather than opt for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean). As well as with so many niggles and complications and worries with this pregnancy it’s definitely good to stick with what I know and what is the quickest way to have my little boy here in my arms! I also have such a short gap (not quite 15 months) between births, meaning my scar would be more susceptible to rupture so it’s advisable for less than 18 month gap between c-section and attempted VBAC that another c-section is the prescribed.

I can’t believe that the day to have my little man has come upon us! Obviously I’ve wrote this and not published it wanting to keep the date of wyatt’s arrival secret.

I’m not sure how it feels to love something as much as you love your first child but I can’t wait to share that love and help Landon to adjust to family life as a family of four!

I’m not sure how to go about it as Landon is quite ignorant of other babies but he hasn’t spent a lot of time around one who was taking a lot of time with his mummy. And considering that Landon has never had a stay over away from me overnight and he has barely been babysat I’m sure he’s going to take this harder than kiddos whose mummies are more lenient and share them! I’ve never been good at sharing and I’m just so fussy with how he is looked after so it’s my own fault he relies upon me so much as his main caregiver.

Either way I know nothing about having two kids. All I know is my routine will be essential and I am not taking any crap. My rules whether anyone likes it or not. And certainly no picking up baby when he’s asleep! Ahhhhh I was so relaxed about so much last time but the longer that continues the harder it is to settle into a routine with little one. Nothing like jumping into the deep end

I spent my last day as a mother of one mostly excited, a little bit antsy and not very much nervous, just impatient to not be pregnant anymore. I’m not one of these people who love their bumps. I love what’s inside the bump I’m just not fond on the bump itself. It’s so awkward finding clothes you feel ok in! Then there’s the prodding of the ribs from the inside, something squirming about relentlessly! There’s the sickness and the bowel disruptions. All ladylike ness just tends to fly out of the window. One thing I haven’t done is slowed down. I haven’t had the time to. I’ve been busy with little guy no way this freight train (yup viable size comparison) has time to relax. However this morning I got up got us ready. And then dad got up and mummy went back to bed! I didn’t sleep, I didn’t try I just shut my eyes and had a guilt free lie down watching TV. We then took little man to softplay and made it just in time for our pre-op assessment at the hospital.
Here’s hoping to a quick and safe delivery tomorrow! πŸ™‚